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Innovative fastening technology is at the heart of the MB Building Kit System. item fasteners create a perfect, friction-based connection between aluminium profiles. They are supplied with all the necessary T-Slot Nuts, screws, etc., which means that all users need to do is select the variant for the profile line they are using.

With the right fastener, users can connect profiles at a 90° angle, at a diagonal or one over the other. Here are some typical applications:

90° profile connections

The most common type of connection between profiles is a 90° fastening, and item offers a wide selection of specialised fasteners for this purpose. For example, the Automatic Fastener is used to create a fast and flexible connection, without the need for any additional profile machining. The Universal Fastener is a true all-rounder which produces connections that are extremely strong but can still be moved. And when profiles need to be connected and disconnected quickly, the Click Fastener is the ideal solution. Click here to view all the fasteners that are available for 90° connections.

Profile connections at various angles

Angle Elements are perfect for use with supporting struts at a 45° angle and sturdy trusses. The Mitre-Fastening Set creates a direct connection between profiles. item also supplies special fasteners with adjustable hinges.

Cross-profile connections

Two profiles that cross over each other can be joined together via a friction-based connection. Direct-Fastening Set 8 produces this type of connection without the need for any profile machining. Angle Locking Bracket 8 even allows users to easily adjust the angle at which the profiles cross. The Angle Hinge Bracket and Angle Clamp Bracket offer a simple and rapid means of fixing profiles.

Butt fasteners for extending profiles

Profiles can be connected end-to-end to form long stretches when using the Automatic Butt-Fastening Set – with no machining necessary. If the profiles need to exhibit a high load-carrying capacity, Universal-Butt-Fastening Set St is the ideal solution.

Parallel Fasteners for adjoining profiles

Two parallel profiles that run side by side can be connected together using the Central Fastening Set. If a gap is required between the profiles, for example as a versatile means of fitting and removing partitions, the Parallel Fastener is the right solution. Connection Profiles and Connection Profile Braces are ideal when especially strong connections and stable trusses need to be assembled.

All the relevant technical information, details about accessories and – for some models – product videos can be found on the dedicated product pages for the fasteners.

Click here for an overview of films showing how to install and use the fasteners.







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